Behavior Plan

We work hard in kindergarten on appropriate school behavior.  Rather than interrupting the flow of discussion or instruction to constantly re-direct individuals, the children in our class will participate in a “traffic light” behavior program.  This helps each child gain more self-control.  It is very important for your child to develop control of his/her own behavior.  

This is how our “traffic light” program works:

1) Each child starts with a green light every morning. 

2) If a child needs reminding to self-correct inappropriate/disruptive behavior, he/she will move their clothespin name to the yellow light.  Just like on a traffic light, the yellow light is “caution”.   This is your child’s chance to change behaviors – a second chance. 

3)  If after your child receives a yellow light, he/she doesn’t modify his/her behavior, he/she will move their clothespin name to the red light.  This child will spend a few minutes of “time-out” during our next free choice time.   

4)  Ask your child about their light daily.  Praise your child for green lights and help your child understand and modify behaviors which earned yellow or red lights. 

5) Your child’s teacher may offer incentives for green lights throughout the year.

6) If your child earns repeated red lights, you will be informed and we can discuss additional ideas that may work for him or her.

The following behaviors are ones we work on getting under control.

1.  Keeping hands and body to self.

2. Using quiet, inside voices.

3. Listening when it is time to listen – not interrupting when someone else is talking.

4. Following directions – doing what is asked.

5. Completing work on time – trying to do his/her best and getting finished.

6.  Showing respect for others.

Please go over the above rules and praise your child for appropriate behavior .  If this system is not effective for certain children, I will call parents individually for a conference to see what we can do to help him/her  gain control.  

This system may be modified as the year goes on based on the need of the class.